$100 Million UPS Push to Create Four New Healthcare Facilities

Added by on December 30, 2010

United Parcel Service recognizes the health care as one of its fastest-growing segments and has decided to build four new facilities in the Netherlands, Canada, America and Singapore.

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The Atlanta based company is expected to spend about a hundred million dollars for the construction of these facilities. It is also expected that the process generates more than a thousand for the healthcare industry.

The facilities will help the company distribute pharmaceuticals, biotech and medical devices better.

The company stated that it shall focus on not just distribution and transportation but also on a strategic and tactical partnerships focusing on specific products and new launches. The current expansion of the company in this segment has been at a hundred percent rate in the past six years. The continued emphasis on outsourcing is driving this expansion process.

As on date, the organization has more than 26 facilities for health care distribution all over the world. The new four facilities will see the addition of more than four million square feet of space.

The company expects to complete and open one facility in the first quarter of 2011 and two other facilities in the second quarter. Singapore’s will be the first facility to start in 2011.

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