CES 2011: Consumer Electronics Getting Greener

Added by on January 7, 2011

Although some companies are not providing any data, it seems that consumer electronics companies are making progress in their environmental friendliness, Greenpeace says.

The recent study by the environmental group is based on data collected through questionnaires that were sent out to 20 electronics manufacturers. All but two – Apple and Philips – participated in the study.

The questionnaire asked questions about chemicals used in the production of PCs, mobile phones, computer monitors and other computer equipment.

Overall, the results showed that improvements have been made in the areas of eliminating polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and brominated flame retardants. Power consumption and use of toxic chemicals also showed improvements.

Two areas that still require work include product recycling and longer-lasting devices.

In response to the study, Gary Shapiro, president of the Consumer Electronics Association said: “In the past three years, we’ve made great strides in our environmental efforts… We know there is work remaining, and we will press forward with these initiatives in 2011 and beyond.”

The greenest company, as determined by the study, was Asus with the UL30A. Dell did not perform well; neither did Aero or Indian manufacturer WiPro.

“This report allows the industry to do what it does best; compete for a new perspective and innovate on environmental policies,” said Renee Blanchard, Greenpeace toxics campaigner.

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