Clinton Warned Bosnia Might Be Left Out of Europe

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Secretary of State Hilary Clinton stated during a meeting with University Sarajevo students that although Bosnia has made progress it needs to strive harder in order to not be left out of Europe.

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Clinton advised the country to leave its nationalism behind in order to gain political stability and economical growth by meeting the requirements needed to join the European Union (EU) and NATO.

“Your neighbors have taken strides in that direction. They know that there is no better way to achieve sustained economic growth and long-term political stability than by integrating with Europe.

Bosnia and Herzegovina must join them or risk being left behind.” Clinton further added. Hillary Clinton is on a trip through Europe and she will visit Kosovo and Serbia soon.

The Bosnian visit came just after Bosnia’s elections that took place one week ago and that showed that political deadlock could be prolonged between Croat, Muslin and Serb populations.

During her speech at the Sarajevo University, Clinton urged students to look into the future and reject false promises that look into serving nationalist ideas.

Although the students barely remembered the ’92-’95 war in which approximately 100,000 people died, Clinton hopes she made students understand how important is becoming a part of the EU and NATO.

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