Elite Cambridge Business Circle Symposium at the End of September

Added by on September 8, 2010

The Elite Cambridge Business Circle will hold a symposium at the end of this month entitled ‘The Future of Sustainable Economic Development in Cambridgeshire’ at which important Cambridgeshire business executives will be holding speeches.

The symposium will be held on September 30 during the Elite Cambridge Business Circle business breakfast and networking meeting. Speeches will be held by business executives such as Dr Julian Huppert, member of the Parliament for Cambridge and Cambridge City Council Leader, Tony Orgee, John Bridge OBE, Ken Ford, Sir David Trippier and by Martin Garratt, Director of Greater Cambridge Partnership.

Following short introductory speeches held by the above mentioned main business executives in Cambridgeshire, there will be held a general debate at which all attendees can participate and that will be chaired by the Business Editor of the Cambridge News, Jenny Chapman. Organizers recommend early booking as the number of places is limited and since attendance will most likely be high.

The symposium will be held on September 30 in the boardroom of the Clydesdale Bank located on 13-15 Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 1NL.