iPhone 4 Launch in China

Added by on September 21, 2010

The launch of China Unicom’s latest Apple iPhone is taking place in China on Saturday to retrieve the market share with the crush of U.S. Company’s smart phones. According to Reuter’s sources, the iPhone 4 launch in China will take place on Saturday, September 26. China Unicom intends to sell the new iPhone 4 to the world’s prime phone marketplace with a two-year standard contract, but the latest iPhone will also be retailed in Apple stores in China that have almost 790 million subscribers.

The iPhone 4 will be available in the 16 GB version and its sale price will be 3’99 Yuan based on monthly charges of 96 Yuan up to 2 years. The company has also offered a 2-year subscription package with which customers can pay a monthly fee of 286 Yuan and get iPhone 4 for free.

According to Hong Kong’s market analysts, it would be wiser for customers to buy iPhones for less from Hong Kong. The average-revenue-per-user would increase in no time as the iPhone is projected to rouse 3G monthly net add-ons of 1million subscribers for the company. Apple has also announced the launch of two more stores in China, on Saturday, as an added marketing strategy for their new iPhone. Due to the latest events, the Chinese market is expected to grow at much faster pace.