Oil Workers from the Gulf Thankful as Ban is Lifted, but Still Wary

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The government lifted the ban on offshore deepwater drilling on Wednesday. This brought calm among U.S. workers from the Gulf of Mexico, but many of them stated that they were still worried about the future.

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The workers said on Tuesday that their worries will still be there even after the ban imposed by the U.S. government after the BP oil spill was lifted. The oil spill is considered the worst in history of the U.S.

Fishermen were the most affected by the oil spill that occurred after Deepwater Horizon rid exploded on April 20. Authorities were forced to ban fishing in most parts of the Gulf.

Thousands of workers working in the industry were also majorly affected by the ban the Obama administration imposed after the accident.

48-year old Vermon Brown has been working for oil transport boats for years as captain said that it had been really hard for him the past six months as he didn’t have any source of reliable income.

He said that even though the ban was being lifted, it would still be hard for many to report to work the next day. He is thankful he doesn’t have a mortgage or a family to look after like most of his colleagues.

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