Shell Sponsoring Climate Change Exhibition is Ludicrous, say Environmentalists

Added by on December 7, 2010

Shell is donating £1 million towards an exhibition at the Science Museum in London, in a move that is by environmental campaigners termed an attempt at trying to “buy itself goodwill.”

The donation, that is intended to go towards an exhibition on climate change, is further called “ludicrous”, taking into account that the oil giant is considered one of the world’s largest emitter of carbon.

Kevin Smith, from the campaign group Platform, compared Shell’s donation to what was common practice by tobacco companies a decade ago; at which time they were considered “respectable partners” of public institutions.

However, he added: “Now it is socially unacceptable for tobacco to play this public role, and it is our hope that oil and gas will soon be seen in the same light…”

He accused Shell, as well as BP, for implementing sponsorship programmes to divert attention away from the impact their activities have on “human rights, the environment and the global climate.”

The Science Museum exhibition; atmosphere: exploring climate science, reportedly gives visitors an opportunity to “dig deeper” into the changing climate. Chris Rapley, museum director, said the exhibition will not express an opinion on whether climate change is “real, driven by humans or threatening.”

A Shell spokesman said the company is one of many sponsors and that the museum has retained all editing rights.

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