1300 Israeli Homes in East Jerusalem Threatens Peace Process

Added by on November 10, 2010

In what could be an embarrassment to Israeli prime minister visiting America, Israel has announced its decision to build 1300 apartments in east Jerusalem.

East Jerusalem was captured by Israel in 1967 and is sought by Palestine as the probable capital city for its independent state. This announcement has raised doubts over the shaky peace process that was restarted recently.

Despite the fact that actual construction could take months, if not years, the decision has disappointed all parties involved including American intermediaries and Palestinians involved in the peace process.

The issue is to be discussed with the American Secretary of state Hillary Clinton. United Nations Secretary General expressed concern over the announcement in the meeting with the Israeli prime minister.

The announcement also runs contrary to the demand by Palestinians for a partial freeze on building in the West Bank settlement. Palestinians exerted pressure on America to enter negotiations and prevent the Jewish state from stalling the peace process.

America emphasized the importance of face to face and direct negotiations and spoke of possibility of mischief mongers using such announcements to break the peace process.

Palestinians have refused to participate in the nascent peace process until the announcement is withdrawn.

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