152 People in Custody after Oakland Protests

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Major arrest took place in Oakland last Friday evening, as protests became confrontational as protesters disagreed with the sentencing for the former police officer who shot an unarmed black man.

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Police ended up arresting 152 demonstrators for unlawful assembly, trespassing, vandalism and disturbing the peace.

The former police man who shot on unarmed black man was sentenced by L.A. judge Johannes Mehserle to 2 years in jail for involuntary manslaughter.

Protesters were heading towards a residential area as the crown comprised of several hundred demonstrators. A police man from Oakland stated that 152 people were arrested, out of which seven juveniles.

Most people were taken into custody for unlawful assembly, but the police man stated videotapes could bring additional charges after being reviewed.

Chief Anthony Batts from the Oakland police wrote a statement in which the made public his disappointment.

The chief of police stated that some protesters threw bottles and rocks at police officers, while others broke car windows and tore fences down. Moreover, a police officer was left without his holster and gun during the incident.

Anthony Batts approved of the people’s right to protest, but said that they had no right “to tear the city up”.

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