Antarctic Cruise Ship Damaged in Drake Passage

Added by on December 10, 2010

An Antarctic cruise ship that encountered electrical malfunctions in the rough seas between Argentina and the Antarctic Peninsula has been able to resume its journey, says a representative if the cruise liner.

The International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators said the ship, the MC Clelia II, was on its way back to Argentina when a giant wave crashed over the ship, breaking the bridge’s starboard window and causing electrical problems. “This caused a temporary loss of communications and affected engine performance,” it said.

The ship was making its way through the Drake Passage, a stretch that has become infamous for the roughest seas in the world, when the incident occurred.

The National Geographic Explorer, another Antarctic cruise liner, was in the area and stayed with the Clelia II while repairs were undertaken.

The Clelia was carrying 88 passengers, all of whom Americans, and 77 crew members, mostly Filipinos. No passengers were injured in the incident, but one crew member reportedly suffered minor injuries.

The ship has now resumed its journey across the Drake Passage, and is expected to join an Argentine channel pilot on Thursday evening, and then reach Ushuaia in Argentina on Friday morning.

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