Approaching weather prompts NY Mayor to close beaches, parks

Added by on November 6, 2012

Weather forecast indicating wind speed on Wednesday around 21:00UTC/GMT along the US East coast – map courtesy of Weather Underground.

A weather disturbance moving northward along the southeastern US coastline with forecasters predicting gusty winds, rain with the possibility of snow, and higher waves in the New York and surrounding areas.

“The heaviest rainfall is likely to occur off the New Jersey coast, yet the I-95 corridor can expect to see some accumulating snow from Delaware to Maine. The track includes Philadelphia, New York, and Boston where they could see a few inches of snow,” explained a meteorologist.

The New York Mayor’s office tweeted, “Mayor: We’re closing all @NYCParks, playgrounds, and beaches effective from noon Wednesday to noon Thursday.”

The system’s effects, say forecasters, is expected to peak on Wednesday though Thursday night. The system is not as bad as Sandy was – forecasters expect rain and snow, 1.5-1.8m waves (5-6 ft), and northwest winds up to 74 km/h (46 mph). Although coastal flooding is possible with weather systems that develop in the Atlantic ocean, current weather statements do not include any warnings about flooding.

Residents along the US east coast are recovering from the effects of hurricane Sandy. New York reports of 91,000 customers without electricity and 47 school closures due to damage. The New York Mayor’s office also reported more than 250,000 meals, 61,000 liters of water, and 21,000 blankets had to date been distributed.

Hurricane Sandy made landfall near Atlantic city late on October 29, after causing deaths and significant damage in the Caribbean including Haiti with 200,000 homeless, 132,000 homes damaged in Cuba, and reports of damage up to US$55m in Jamaica. The storm caused an estimated US$50bn in damage in the US, and crippled cities like New York for days.