Belarus Opens Up to Democracy – Arrested Presidential Candidate Released

Added by on December 26, 2010

Elections in Belarus which gave current president Alexander Lukashenko his fourth term in office also saw five opposition candidates for the post of President arrested for protesting against the result.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko

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The crackdown took place immediately after the elections after protest demonstrations were being held on the night of December 19. Currently, close to 200 out of the 650 detainees are currently still in jail in Belarus.

The crackdown had met with violent reaction from European Union and America.  Russia had supported the incumbent president. In all, twenty two activists of the opposition party including the presidential candidates were charged.

The leader of the Christian Democratic Party was released after, what KGB stated as, a written explanation to the present President. The incumbent president also decided to shut down the office of Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe which had severely criticized the crackdown.

The current head of the office, Lithuania, has urged the President to release the other candidates and reopen the office. Brussels, the headquarters of the European Union has spoken of aid and membership in the event democracy, or at least a show of democracy, is restored. It remains to be seen whether Belarus will react positively.

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