Bomb-Attack Suspects Arrested as Shipments in Greece Are Temporarily Suspended

Added by on November 3, 2010

Greek authorities stated on Wednesday that other parcel bombs may have already been sent abroad from Greece as several attacks took place on government targets within Europe.

Authorities from Greece already took measures by suspending shipment of any packages or mail for the next 48 hours.

A Greek police official stated that courier services have checked packages and that they did not find anything suspicious as far as domestic delivery is concerned.

The police official further added that other parcel bombs might already be abroad and received by possible European government targets since delivery time is only one day.

On Tuesday, two bomb attacks took place in Athens, at the Swiss and Russian embassies. The bombs were small and had been sent through mail in packages.

Another package that had been sent to the Italian prime-minister caught fire when it was being checked, while another package containing explosives has been intercepted in the office of the German chancellor.

Moreover, Greek police detonated at the airport in Athens two packages that also contained explosives and that were being sent to the EU Court of Justice and Europol, the European police organization.

Two Greek suspects have already been arrested as they had with them two bombs, one of which was addressed to Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President.

Police think that one of the two men may be a member of the Fire Conspiracy Cells, a terrorist organization responsible for attacks on government targets that took place last year.

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