Britain’s Navy Website Hacked

Added by on November 9, 2010

The UK Royal Navy (RN) had to take down its site on Monday after Romanian hackers attacked it during the weekend.

The website went under “essential maintenance”, promising it would come back up again “soon”.  A Royal Navy spokesman confirmed the hacker attack, saying that there weren’t any malicious intentions behind the attack and that no damages were caused.


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Nonetheless, the spokesman added that security teams were investigating to make sure that RN’s website hasn’t been compromised.

The attack came recently after the UK government decided to inject $1.05bn into the national cyber security program. The hacker, known as TinKode, used a common hacking method called SQL injection and firstly gained access on November 5.

The hacker is said to have published detailed information he found on the website, including user names and passwords used by the website’s administration, but no confidential information was revealed.

The hacker tweeted about his attack and linked his Twitter followers to a web page that contained detailed information about what he had found on RN’s website.

Pophos senior security analyst, Graham Clueley, stated that RN’s website being hacked is “immensely embarrassing”, especially because of the recent priority which was given to cybercrime and hacking attacks.

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