Chilean Miners Closer to Freedom

Added by on September 29, 2010

Celebrations were marked with the sound of air horns on Tuesday around the site where 33 Chilean miners were trapped underground.

The plan B drill had reached a halfway point of 330 meters which was cause for the celebration by locals and government workers attempting to free them.

Trapped Miners-San Jose Mine, Copiapo, Chile

Image by DigitalGlobe-Imagery via Flickr

Supplies have been funneled to the survivors via bore holes that have been in place to ensure their survival.

The initial Plan B drill reached the trapped miners on September 17th, this is now being widened enough to lift the men out.

Once the hole is wide enough, the rescuers will then be able to lower a rescue capsule and pull them to safety.

The miners have been trapped underground since August 5th.

The Plan B drill was able to dig over 100 meters in 48 hours. This was a huge breakthrough in the rescue attempt.

The governments rescue coordinator ,Andre Sougarret, stated that the advance was the best they have had.

Authorities believe that the evacuation should occur sometime in November. This could happen earlier, but they are allowing for any complications that may arise.

Family and locals are confident that the miners will be rescued unhurt and healthy.

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