Denver-bound flight lands safely with hole in windshield, nosecone

Added by on August 1, 2012

Damage to flight UA-1475 after a bird strike / Photo: The Aviation Herald

A United Boeing 737, bound to Denver, CO USA, was struck by a bird resulting a large hole in the aircraft’s nosecone and cracking the pilot’s windshield.

Sources say the flight’s captain reported his airspeed indicator was not functioning as the flight descended from 12,000 feet; the first officer reported his airspeed indicator was unreliable.

The crew requested emergency services at the runway; the flight landed safely in Denver, CO about ten minutes after the incident. No injuries were reported.

The flight, UA-1475, originates in Dallas Ft. Worth, TX and finishes in Denver, CO and had 151 passengers on-board when the incident occurred.

All airplanes require an airspeed indicator which used throughout all flights from take-off, climb, cruise, descent and landing to maintain airspeeds for type of and operating conditions.