Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan Makes 2010 the Deadliest Year

Added by on September 22, 2010

A helicopter crashed in the south of Afghanistan on Tuesday, causing the death of nine coalition troops. The force led by NATO stated that after this crash, year 2010 became the deadliest one of the long Afghan war.

ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) stated that 2 NATO service members, a US civilian and an Afghan soldier had been injured and carried to the hospital to receive medical treatment. ISAF spokesman further added that the dead troops’ nationality has yet to be identified and that further information will be made public later on.

ISAF also said that there was no sign of enemy fire in the area where the helicopter crashed and that it is still investigating the cause of crash. The year 2010, has recorded so far,529 deaths in the Afghan war. According to the information published by iCasualties.org, there were a total of 521 foreign troops that died in the last year. The removal of Taliban in 2001 by U.S.-backed Afghan forces has resulted in gradual ascending of high-level hostility in recent months.

At the current time, there are nearly 150,000 foreign troops sent to support approximately 300,000 Afghan security forces that are fighting against the Taliban-led insurgency.