Hurricane Igor Passed Bermuda to Advance in Northern Direction

Added by on September 20, 2010

Yesterday, category 1 hurricane Igor hit Bermuda and its population of more than 67,000 individuals. Bermuda authorities stated that there haven’t been any reported casualties but that the hurricane did shake the population and caused numerous power outages, uprooted trees and flooded streets. All throughout Sunday, Bermuda residents stayed inside while churches had their services canceled, leaving the roads practically deserted and the airport closed.

Bermuda Police reported high waves of up to 12 feet high that nearly hit buildings in capital Hamilton that are located in front of the ferry terminal. The Royal Gazzete photographer, Mark Tatem, assed the situation from a live chatroom: ‘The rain is coming in sideways, basically it is very rough. Trees are down and there are branches blowing all over the place and there is lots of debris flying.’

On Monday, Hurricane Igor moved over the Atlantic towards north along the East Coast, which shouldn’t expect more than a stiff breeze and higher waves. Weather Underground, a private US forecaster, stated though hurricane expert Jeff Masters that Igor has lost its initial destructive power on Sunday. However, the hurricane might lead to significant flooding and high waves, especially along the south coast.