Immigrant Egyptians in Australia Gather to Celebrate

Added by on February 12, 2011

The Egyptian community in Australia is celebrating President’s Hosni Mubarak’s step down after 3 weeks of violent protests in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne saw hundreds of immigrant Egyptians come together this Saturday and celebrate the Egyptian ruler’s resignation.

A member of the Egyptian Revolution Solidarity Committee in Sydney, Nour Eldin Tarraf, said “On the 25th of January, the internet generation, our generation, said ‘enough’,” Mr Tarraf told supporters at a Sydney Town Hall rally.

Egyptians took to the streets from all walks of life – men, women, Muslims and Christians, old and young, rich and poor.”

Tarraf added that all the Egyptian people craved for was their freedom and their right to dignity. The National Director of Amnesty International Australia, Clair Mallinson, came forward to request Egyptian interim leaders to support the country’s changing phase.

Mallinson asked interims to put an end to discrimination and torture while supporting human rights of Egyptian citizens.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd, the Foreign Minister, stated today that Egypt needs a fundamental reform. In the name of Australia, the officials requested a constitutional reform from the country formerly lead by Mubarak, together with a clear plan and timetable with regard to the election process.