Improper Investigations by the FBI After 9/11

Added by on September 22, 2010

The Justice Department stated on Monday that the Federal Bureau for Investigations (FBI) launched improper investigations of US activists after the 9/11 attacks, and miscast the peaceful protests from US activists terrorism acts. The Justice Department also noted that in one case, the FBI director, Robert Muller, was incited to give inaccurate evidence to the Congress.

The inspector general of the Justice Department wrote in a report that the department had rejected the long-standing accusations brought by Democrats in Congress and civil liberties advocates. These allegations states that the FBI has targeted activities which were protected by the Contitution as domestic operations of surveillance that were expanded during Bush’s administration. The allegations are also short of blaming the FBI about providing inappropriate and misleading statements to the both the public and law-makers, which is a crime.

The Office of Inspector General reported that the same misleading info was also received by FBI’s director and was forwarded at a hearing back in May 2006 to the Senate Judiciary Committee. The deputy director Timothy Murphy stated that these investigations were generally guessed on the distresses related to possible criminal acts of various individuals. He also apologized for the inappropriate information and added that the FBI had given the report to both Mueller and the Congress without offering clarification.