Mubarak Faces Rejection

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The protests against the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak entered third day. The citizens are protesting against a 30-year rule of the current president.

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These protests were inspired by the help in Tunisia that led to the removal of the Tunisian dictator. The Egyptians say that their situation is similar to the Tunisians.

The Egyptians complain about the increasing prices, lack of jobs and an authoritarian rule that does not allow the citizens to speak for their rights.

Since the clashes started on Tuesday, three protestors and one policeman have been reported dead. The protestors are planning the biggest protest demonstration on Friday.

Demonstrators in Cairo burned tyres and threw stones at police. In Suez, a government building was set  on fire by the protesters.

Witnesses claim the protestors were dragged and beaten by the police. According to the Interior Minister at least 500 protestors have been arrested.

Egypt’s financial market has been affected by the unrest in the country. The Egyptian pound has fallen to the lowest level in the six years compared to the U.S. dollar.

The presidential elections are due in September. However Egyptians think that 82 year old Mubarak will either continue ruling or will hand over the position to his son.

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