North Korea Calls for Talks, South Thinks It Is Merely Propaganda

Added by on January 2, 2011

In their strategy that has been executed more than once in the past, North Korea has called for unconditional talks to reduce tensions that arose after it shelled a South Korean island in disputed waters in November.

Understandably, South Korea has rejected the call and has called it a part of the propaganda campaign.

The international community has asked North Korea to do its bit to reduce tensions before speaking of talks. South Korea is demanding an apology before considering anything related to the peace process.

The arrests confirm that the latest tensions of military aggression and disclosure of nuclear enrichment site are tactics by North Korea to raise its importance when six party talks begin in the near future. The last time these talks took place, North Korea secured substantial aid and support.

The artillery fire is not the only instance of provocation. North Korea is also for suspected to have been involved in the sinking of a South Korean ship in March.

The call for talks was unconditionally issued by the entire North Korean government combined with other organizations. South Korea has cited this fact as another reason why the proposal should not be treated seriously.

It complained that it was not even in the right format. In the meanwhile, the US is putting pressure on China to do its bit to make North Korea fall in line to secure global peace.

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