Obama Administration Files an Appeal on Ruling against Gay Marriages

Added by on October 13, 2010

A ruling made by the U.S. District Court in Massachusetts determined the Obama administration to file and appeal against it on Tuesday, October 12. The ruling that protected gay marriages rights could lower Obama’s support come the next election.

Defense of Marriage Act also known as DOMA is a law established in the year 1996 and prevents gay marriages. President Barack Obama had earlier opposed this law but seems to have changed his mind.

According to the Justice Department’s Spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler, the Obama administration opposes the law but is concerned about defending it because it protected federal laws.

The spokeswoman also said that DOMA discriminated gay citizens and that this is the reason why the President wants it abolished.

Judge Joseph Tauro from the U.S. District Court made the appeal after discovering that the act went against the State’s law that provides equal protection to all.

His rulings would offer gay marriages equal treatment as far as federal spousal benefits are concerned. These benefits are currently available only to individuals in heterosexual marriages.

Obama administration’s main concern at the moment is whether those who supported Obama in the initial stages will still stand by his decisions after all this.

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