Parents Defend Decision to Raise “Genderless Baby”

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The Canadian parents who are raising a “genderless child” has hit back at criticism over their decision to keep the sex of their child a secret, saying the world must learn to accept the right of a child to choose their sex.

Parents Defend Decision to Raise “Genderless Baby”

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kathy Witterick and David Stocker have reportedly decided not to reveal the sex of their four-month-old baby, Storm. Critics of the decision by the Canadian parents to raise a “genderless baby” have levied a barrage of abuse against the couple.

However, Witterick and Stocker have retorted to criticism, saying that a baby should not have to conform to social stereotypes, the Daily Mail reported.


According to the newspaper, Ms Witterick is “fed up” with people asking when they are going to let the world know what gender their baby is.  She hits back at critics in an email response, claiming that the idea that “the whole world must know what is between the baby’s legs is unhealthy, unsafe and voyeuristic. We know — and we’re keeping it clean, safe, healthy and private (not secret!).”

She had also previously told the Toronto Star “When will this end? When will we live in a world where people can make choices to be whoever they are?”

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