President Obama Aims at a Results-based Approach to Reduce Global Poverty

Added by on September 24, 2010

President Barack Obama addressed the General Assembly of 192 nations on Wednesday, the final day of the UN Summit, with a focus on new ways to reduce global poverty, nourish economic development and fight corruption.

Obama stated that aids to distribute food and medicine might be beneficial to tackle problems in the short run but that much more is needed for sustained long term development of poor countries. He said that his administration plans on a novel US global development policy with appropriate use of all their tools of diplomacy, investment and trade policies.

President Barack Obama emphasized the need for an approach which is more apparent in results than simply giving aids to alleviate development problems. As Reuters reported, the president thinks that the purpose of development is to create conditions where aids are no longer needed. Thus, Obama intends to partner with countries that want to build their own capacity for sustained growth, are focused on economic development and reduction of corruption. The US president wants to help countries develop their agricultural sectors and reach out to those that are transitioning to democracy and moving towards peace. Even with budgetary constraints due to global financial crisis, Obama said that total US aid to nations will not be reduced.

At the end of the summit, a declaration was adopted by the 192 member states of UN, resolving to achieve the ‘Millennium Development Goals’ by 2015.

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