President Obama Still Working on US-Muslim Relation

Added by on November 15, 2010

US President Barack Obama gave a statement this Wednesday, November 10, with regard to the situation of the country’s relation with the Muslim. The president said that further efforts are needed to repair the relation and erase the years of mistrust.

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This statement came after Obama visited Indonesia, country where he spent 4 years of his childhood. The president spoke from the heart about the years he spent in this country which is dominated by the Muslim population.

Before leaving for the G20 Summit which was taking place in South Korea, the US president stated that Indonesia is a part of him.

Obama is trying to repair the damages caused to the US-Muslim relations after the September 11 attacks and the response that Bush’s government from 2001 had. Barack Obama has previously talked about these issues in Cairo, about a year and a half ago, when he promised a new beginning with regard to US’s relations with the Muslim.

Nonetheless, regardless of the US president’s effort, terrorist group Al Qaeda has been still seeking to attack. Thus, with tensions still thriving between Palestinian and Israeli, US troops haven’t been called back from Afghanistan and Iran.

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