Prince William work photos reveal password

Added by on November 21, 2012

Photos on the official website of the Duke of Cambridge (Prince William) on Wednesday accidentally revealed the login details for an RAF system called Military Flight Information Publications (milFLIP) – the web delivery tool of British Aeronautical Information Documents Unit.

The photos were published in an article called “A working day in the life of Flight Lieutenant Wales”, referring to the name that’s used or Duke of Cambridge in the RAF.

The photo that revealed the username and password for the milFLIP system showed the Duke of Cambridge in uniform with three other officers during a shift at C flight 22 squadron. The Duke of Cambridge, smiling and facing the camera at a distance, was seated in-front of a wall having several papers and charts posted on it. One of the papers was titled “MilFlip Logoon Details”.

The photos were reportedly taken by an official photographer of the royal family, yet had not been cleared by security. The photo with the login details had been widely circulated on the internet before the login details were found in the photo.

At the time of the publication of this article, photos available online had the login details redacted or had the paper on the wall completely obscured.

The login details for the milFLIP – Military Flight Information Publications – system grant access to aviation-related details that include Aerodrome Charts, Terrain Analysis Packages (TAPs), Standard Terminal Arrival Routes (STARs), Instrument Approach Procedures (IAPs) and other details. It is not known whether the information provided by the milFLIP system focuses on military aviation.

Information similar to details described as being offered by the milFLIP are available online for civilian airports like London’s Heathrow airport. The Aerodrome Chart is published on the NATS Aeronautical Information Service.

MilFLIP is the web delivery tool of the Aeronautical Information Documents service opened in 2009 and is reported to receive 20,00 hits per month. The website says its material is available on CD or DVD.

The original article, including a gallery of images is available on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge official website.