Rahn Emanuel Announced Online Candidacy for Chicago Mayor

Added by on October 4, 2010

Former chief of staff at the White House, Rahn Emanuel, who has recently resigned from the above-mentioned position on Friday, stated through an online video on Sunday that he will run for becoming the mayor of Chicago.

Emanuel stated that in order to prepare to run for mayor, he intends on visiting the neighborhoods in Chicago, train stops, bowling alleys, grocery stores and hot dog stands.

Emanuel is looking to see the city through a “Tell it like it is” tour and has urged Chicago residents to tell him openly “in blunt Chicago terms” what he could do to make it a better city.

The Chicago mayor elections will take place on February 22, 2011, and candidates are required to have 12,500 petition signatures by the end of November in order to be considered.

The current Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is already on his six-term and if the elections don’t end with a clear majority, the top two candidates that got the most votes will race again for the next four years in the City Hall on April 5.

Although the election is non-partisan, the Democrats have been dominating Chicago’s politics for the last decades.

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