Sherlyn Chopra posts new Playboy photo

Added by on August 27, 2012

Sherlyn Chopra posted a new photo on Monday amid questions whether she was apologetic about her reportedly bold move.

Chopra posted the new photo showing her covered in Holi colors, sitting next to a member of the Playboy crew handling her photoshoot, which is to appear in an early 2013 edition of Playboy magazine’s November 2012 issue

Chopra tweeted, “Dear all,please quit askin’ me if I felt apologetic while goin’ full monty 4 PB,look at my facial expression 2 know…”

Update: Sherlyn Chopra to appear in Kamasutra 3D to be released in 2013

Some reportedly said recent events including Chopra, Sunny Leone, and others seem to reveal a shift in moral attitudes in India.

“There’s no doubt that attitudes toward sexuality are changing among Indian women and Indians generally. That’s a transformation best described by the way Bollywood movies portray love and sexuality, and by the clear influence of the globalized world on Indian morals,” said Miranda Kennedy, a journalist and author of a memoir based on her five year stay in India, “Sideways On A Scooter.”

Of the photoshoot Chopra said, in part, “… it isn’t just about revealing your body but the erotica should translate in a sensuous manner.”