Successful Rescue Operation to Get Chilean Miners Out

Added by on October 15, 2010

Miners rescued on Tuesday from a two-month ordeal received a heroes’ welcome on Thursday in Chile. The miners who had been trapped up to 2050 feet underground pondered on their celebrity status once they came out of hospital.

Many people from Chile and the entire world watching the rescue were surprised to find most of the miners in perfect condition even after they had been trapped in the mine for 68 days.

The men were taken to hospital immediately after they were hoisted out of the collapsed mine while millions of people from all over the world watched anxiously from their homes. One of the rescued men suffered from pneumonia and was treated with antibiotics.

The rescue operation that was said to be the most complex in the world finally came to an end on Thursday when all the miners were hoisted out of the caved-in mine, one at a time using a metal capsule.

The miners set a world record for underground survival and the whole country erupted into a party after the rescue was completed successfully. Jorge Montes, an official from a Copiapo hospital, said that they expected some of the miners who were still in hospital to be released soon.

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