Syrian President Promises Political Reformation after Demonstrations in Tunisia and Egypt

Added by on February 1, 2011

The Syrian President Bachar al-Assad has promised political reformation in the country after the recent happenings in Egypt and Tunisia.

After a 10-year ruling, the president now thinks that reformation is needed and that he needs to work on the issue before it will be too late.

Bachar al-Assad came to rule Syria 10 years ago, following his father, Hafez al-Assad, who ran the country for three decades through military establishment. Bachar’s intention is not precautious since he wants to stop the tide of protests, which have a debilitating potential, before they reach Damask.

The Syrian President made taken to the Wall Street Journal about the issue and said that, even though he might not have seen the issues of his ruling before the demonstrations in Tunisia and Egypt, he does see them now and indeed feels the need for political reformation.

The authoritarian regime in Syria has been going on, as in most Arabic countries, for a long while. Because of this regime, people don’t have the freedom of speech and many times the fundamental human rights are broken.

Seeing the reaction of Al-Assad, it’s fairly clear that the protests and demonstrations in Egypt and Tunisia have sent a message to all countries in that region.

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