Third Syrian Ambassador defects

Added by on July 24, 2012

Arabiya TV reported on Tuesday that Syrian ambassador to Cyprus Lamya al Hariri has defected.

The unconfirmed report could result in the third defection of a Syrian ambassador. The report said Lamya has joined the revolution of the Syrian people, also referred to as the Syrian Uprising.

Other recent defections include Syria’s ambassador to Belarus, Farouk Taha, and Nawaf al-Fares, Syrian ambassador to Iraq.

in a July 15 , 2012 interview on CNN, Fares said he tried to convince the Syrian government to change its approach towards the people and that foreign military intervention is needed to end the chaos in Syria. In an interview with the BBC, Fares warned that the Syrian government may be considering the use of chemical weapons against rebels, and raised the possibility that they may have already done so.