Time Travel Real for One-Third of Britons

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Nearly one-third of Britons believe that time travel is possible, according to a new study published on Friday.

The study, which involved 3,000 people throughout the UK, showed that, not only did 30 per cent of those surveyed believe that time travel is possible beyond the realm of fiction, nearly one in five (18 percent) believe that they can see gravity.

Time Travel Real for One-Third of Britons

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The research, which was commissioned by Birmingham Science City, also showed that 44 per cent of adults believe that memory-erasing technology, used in the movie Men in Black, as well as hover boards, used in Back to the Future, exist in reality.

Scientists said that they were not surprised that so many people confuse science fiction and fact, considering the advanced scientific developments taking place all over the world.

For example, while three-quarters (78 per cent) don’t believe in the existence of invisibility cloaks, University of Birmingham researchers have developed a method for making objects appear invisible.

“While films and TV can be acknowledged as creating confusion, it is also worth highlighting how advanced science has now become and many things deemed only possible in fiction have now become reality or are nearing creation due to the advancements of science,” said Pam Waddell, director of Birmingham Science City.

The study was published to coincide with the National Science and Technology Week.

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