U.S. Mother Shot Dead by Toddler

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A Florida toddler is believed to have shot his mother with a loaded gun that he believed to be a toy.

U.S. Mother Shot Dead by Toddler

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Troy Bailey is just 2 years old. His mother, Julia Bennett , died after the toddler allegedly pointed a 9mm Glock pistol and shot her in their Florida home.

Reports state the Miss Bennett’s former boyfriend had seen the boy fire the weapon after the gun was left unattended.

The boys father is understood to have a permit for the gun and is not believed to be a person of interest as far as investigators are concerned.

Police have said the Miss Bennett died as a result of a single gun shot wound.

The young child is said to be very confused and is being comforted by family.

His aunt, Marva Anglin stated that “He just keeps calling her name, calling ‘Mum, mum’,”

Doubts however have been expressed by family and friends that the boy would be capable of pulling the trigger on his own.

Swabs were taken from the child by police after the shooting, they checked both his mouth and hands for gunpowder residue.


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