Woman Goes Missing on Disney Cruise Ship

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The parents of a 24-year old English woman who has disappeared after reporting for work on a Disney cruise ship believe “something bad must have happened to her”, the Daily Mail reports.

Woman Goes Missing on Disney Cruise Ship

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Rebecca Coriam reported for work on board the Disney Wonder last Monday, when the $900 million cruise liner left Los Angeles for the Mexican Riviera, and has not been seen since.

Ms Coriam failed to show up for work the following day and several searches of the ship have returned fruitless.

Her parents say said she could not have fallen overboard accidentally. “Becky just wouldn’t disappear. People are saying she has gone overboard but I don’t believe that,” her father John Jennings told the Mail.

According to the newspaper, a crew member had posted on a website that Ms Coriam was seen “jumping overboard at 3am”, although the claim has not been confirmed neither has the crew member or website been named.

The missing girl’s parents have travelled to Los Angeles to meet the ship as it returns from Mexico. “Something bad has happened to her and we want something done about it,” Mr Jennings said.

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