‘The Voice’ Singing TV Show Signed with Universal Music

Added by on January 22, 2011

‘American Idol’s rival has nearly arrived.  A rival singing show will come in front of the United States audience this spring.

‘The Voice of…’ will be “world’s hottest new TV music property” and Universal Music Group has already announced that it has signed a services and recording deal with the producers of the new TV singing competition.

Talpa Media Group, which is by Dutch John de Mol, the creator of hit-reality TV series ‘Big Brother’ and Universal have made the deal already.

“The Voice of Holland” has already had great success in the country and is said to be the best talent contest aired on TV.

Universal announced that start which came from the worldwide show would be promoted by the group, apart those that come from Belgium and Holland.

John de Mol already thinks that the new format will be a hit in the United States. “I am convinced that the U.S. version of this format, ‘The Voice’, will be a great instrument in discovering genuine … new singing talent in the biggest entertainment market in the world.

It’s fantastic to have broadcaster NBC … on our side in the U.S., but Universal Music makes the picture complete,” said John de Mol.

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