Alec Baldwin Still Interested in Public Office

Added by on December 31, 2010

Popular actor portraying a right-wing media employee on the show 30 Rock spoke about his political inclinations yet again.

In CNN’s Parker Spitzer’s show, the liberal Alec Baldwin said that he was very keen on running for political office but was not prepared to take the final step immediately.

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His enthusiasm was marked by his clarification that he was just beginning to understand politics slightly better than acting. He said that he was enjoying acting and would not want to miss it immediately.

Yet, he emphasized that he cared a lot about the middle-class and would seek public office for the same. The show is expected to be aired on Wednesday and Thursday. Baldwin seem to make his case by pointing out that the all the presidents of America after Ronald Reagan received education in Ivy League schools.

According to him, this was the reason why the country’s administration has lost sight of the middle-class. Alec was educated in George Washington University in the capital of the country and later attended New York University.

The last time he spoke of running for public office was on 60 Minutes in the year 2008. He was raised in sub urban New York and both his parents were teachers.

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