American Idol – Long Past its Glory Days Survey Says

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Despite numerous changes being made to the format and rules and regulations, only 47 per cent of viewers of American Idol spoke of watching the show in its tenth season.

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On the whole, more than two third of the total number of participants in the poll concluded that the best days for the singing competition were long past.

This survey was conducted by the Hollywood Reporter.

In a bid to boost its popularity, American idol, which has been the most watched show on television in United States for the past eight years, decided to incorporate changes to improve popularity.

Some chances include creating an Idol House where the contestants will live, reducing the minimum age limit to fifteen years, and creating a mentor apprentice relation between participants and record producers to make the competition more exciting. The producers also modified the panel land have gotten Jennifer Lopez and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler to the panel.

The show begins on January 19 on Fox Television.

Producers tried to bring past champions and have them compete against losers who still remain popular amongst the masses. However, very few former American Idols were interested in such a move. Of the original lineup, only Randy Jackson remains on the panel and even controversial British judge Simon Cowell is no longer a part of the show.

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