Beyonce Is Not Pregnant, Mom Says to Ellen DeGeneres

Added by on October 21, 2010

Tina Knowles, Beyonce’s mother, stated on dismissed a rumor about her daughter being pregnant on Thrusday.

Mrs. Knowles stated that the report that’s been going all around the media is not true and that if it were to rumors related to her daughter’s pregnancy, she’s have about six grandchildren already.

Beyonce during a product launch of Usher Raymond.

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Beyonce’s mother was asked by Ellen DeGeneres during her talk show if the rumors about her daughter’s pregnancy were true.

Tina Knowles replied “No, no it’s not true. Not right now”. Only a day before the talk show, Us Weekly magazine had reported that Beyonce and rapper and music producer Jay-Z, her husband, will be having their first baby.

Although Beyonce’s mother clearly dismissed Us Weekly’s report, when asked by Reuters on Thursday, the magazine stated that it stayed by its story. Nonetheless, Tina Knowles tends to be right by starting on Ellen DeGeneres’s talk show that if it were to press rumors she’d already have five or six grandkids.

Pregnancy rumors are not hitting 29-year old singer Beyonce Knowles for the first time. Speculations have gotten more credible ever since the star and Jay-Z got married two years ago. Beyonce’s spokesman, however, refused to comment on the pregnancy issue stating that he never talks about Beyonce’s private life.

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