Jack LaLanne, 96, Passed in Cali Amongst Family

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The daughter of Jack LaLanne stated on Sunday that the fitness guru died that same day surrounded by family and with the football game on. 96-years old LaLanne had been promoting on TV a healthy lifestyle through both fitness and exercise.

Jack LaLanne receives a Lifetime Achievement A...

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Yvonne LaLanne stated for Reuters’ reporters: “He was surrounded by his family and passed very peacefully and in no distress … and with the football game on Sunday, so everything was normal.”

According to his daughter, LaLanne had been active until a few months ago and even attended the taping of a public TV special. In spite of his age, the fitness guru was still following his own preaching, exercising for two hours per day.

LaLanne changed his routine every month, but his typical workout consisted of 90 min of weightlifting, combined with 30 min of swimming. Due to the fact that he was the picture of health and fitness for many, LaLanne used to say “I can’t die, it would ruin my image”.

Although he had grown into a fitness guru who promoted a clean living with exercise and raws veggies, LaLanne said that as a young man he was a sugar-holic who saw the outcome of the issue by suffering from depression, mood swings and awful headaches.

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