Kim Kardashian Showcases New Song off Debut Album during New Year Celebrations

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Kim Kardashian celebrated the New Year in style as the reality television star showcased her first performance in the new world of music. Her debut single was premiered at a party celebrating the New Year.

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The debut took place at the TAO nightclub in the city of Las Vegas. In a video that was released, Kim Kardashian is seen introducing herself to the crowd before launching into her latest of song with some advise to the DJ turn it up.

The thirty year old star sang the song ‘Turn it up’ with a solid dance beat and pop inspired by Rhythm And Blues that was often produced by The Dream.

The popular reality television star has participated in Keeping Up With The Kardashians, where her family was showcased on E’s show. She has also converted her reality television popularity into a complete industry.

She had earlier spread word on Twitter that she might be coming up with a musical project over the holidays.

The star is also rumored to be collaborating with Kayne West on her debut album. The two were seen by fans outside a recording studio in California on December 28. Insiders reveal that the video is going show Kim wearing a white fur with braids and another video will show her in sunglasses and red highlights.

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