Leonardo DiCaprio Makes Sydney Home For 4 Months

Added by on August 22, 2011

Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio, has arrived in Sydney and is all set to make the city his home for the next 4 months. DiCaprio is in Sydney to shoot the remake of the film The Great Gatsby where he plays the lead role of Jay Gatby. The original film was made by Baz Luhrmann.

Sources say that the actor is looking for a suitable house to rent for his 4 month long stay in Sidney though DiCaprio has not made any comments. DiCaprio was seen wearing his baseball cap low over his sunglasses and followed his security to a waiting car while all the time text messaging on his mobile phone refusing to acknowledge any questions from waiting media persons nor responding to cheers from a few bystanders at the airport.

The shooting on a remake of one of the most iconic films is all set to begin in two weeks and will be carried out in Fox Studios of the harbor city but is really set in a 1920’s New York. The Great Gatsby is a film based on a novel by F. Scot Fitzgerald written and published in 1925. The story starts right after the First World War when the 18th Amendment banned the production and sale of alcohol, which made millionaires of bootleggers though the actual story has nothing to do with the dubious trade. It can at best be described as a tragic romance.

Toby Maguire has already arrived in Sydney and is playing the role of Nick Carraway, Gatsby’s friend in the film. Joel Edgerton, Carey Mulligan, and Isla Fisher the other co-stars of the film are expected to arrive any day.

DiCaprio’s girlfriend Blake Lively from Gossip Girl is expected to join Leonardo for a short time during his stay in Sydney while he shoots for the film. However, it’s anyone’s guess when she might arrive.

Filming of a remake of The Great Gatsby is being described as a coup by the Australian film industry and the NSW government. Sources say that State Government entered into a production deal with Luhrmann, who has foregone New York, the original setting of the film and instead chosen Sydney as the setting for the 3D version of the film.