Live Performances and Charity Fundraiser Next Week, in Utah

Added by on September 7, 2010

Columbus Center, South Salt Lake City, Utah

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The Hawks Court Foundation, together with Spirit West Recording Studios, intends to bring together Utah artists and comedians and organize a charity event for the Utah Food Band and Primary Children’s Medical Center. The charity will be held outdoors in South Salt Lake, in the parking lot of Spirit West Recording Studios, on September 18.

People attending the charity event will be able to enjoy live music performed by 6 local musicians and bands, together with two comedy acts and good food. Attendance is free, but organizers encourage attendees to donate money and canned food for the two charity beneficiaries. However, tickets will be sold for food and all the money from ticket purchases will be donate to Primary Children’s Medical Center.

Representative of the Utah Food Bank, Brandon Daniels, stated that local food pantries have reported an increase of 35% in individuals that seek food. Mr. Daniels said that for every dollar donated, services worth $5 are provided to people in need.

Primary Children’s Medical Center is a healthcare facility that strives to provide health care to children at high levels of excellence. Last year only, the medical center’s emergency room received over 43,000 patients, with an average of caring for 195 patients per day, and provided charity healthcare amounting $13,386,109.

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