Michael Jackson Autopsy Reenactment – Discovery Cancels Show

Added by on December 22, 2010

Plans to reenact the autopsy that was conducted on pop star and global icon Michael Jackson was canceled after the Discovery television network bowed to public pressure and withdrew the planned reenactment.

The official reason given was the combination of legal hearing scheduled in the near future and various complaints that the network received from the estate of Michael Jackson.

The television show was to focus on what might have been the autopsy of the pop star. The network had planned to have a single hand protruding out of the covers which would have the traditional sequined glove that was often sported by Michael Jackson. The show was all set to roll from January 13.

The pop star died under controversial circumstances just a few weeks before a series of comeback tours. His death was attributed to an overdose of an anesthetic that was normally used in surgery.

The show was not supposed to be shown in USA but a global outcry of fans forced the network to pull the show of air even before it began. The doctor who has admitted to injecting the drug is being charged with involuntary manslaughter, a charge which he has denied when defending himself.

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