Miranda Kerr nude photos surface on Internet

Added by on August 10, 2012

Maranda Kerr appears (left) in a photo from Harper’s Bazaar magazine, and an undated photo shot by photographer Laurent Darmon

For the second time in 7 days, on Friday, nude photos of Miranda Kerr – an Australian model, have surfaced online.

Kerr appears in Harper’s Bazaar, a fashion magazine, wearing only boots. The accompanying article is about the boots Kerr is wearing, but people that have reviewed the photos say it’s ‘difficult to focus on her boots’.

The tasteful photos show Kerr sitting, standing, and laying down in a total of four poses. She is obviously nude in all of the photos, yet she covers up the parts that change would bump the photos into the R-rated space. Except for one photo in which Kerr is sitting and faces the camera directly, the other photos are of Kerr shot from her side.

A second set of Kerr’s photos appeared late last week, reportedly shot by photographer Laurent Darmon. The photos are not recent, yet when they were shot and how they might have been planned to be used is unknown. This second set of photos is more revealing – in one, she is nude with her back toward the camera; another photo has Kerr smiling to the camera with her breasts completely exposed. The photos are shot in black and white and reviewers say they are very high quality and also tastefully done.

Kerr joins a long list of women seen in nude online this month. The list includes Miley Cyrus, Jessica Chastain, Lada Gaga, Poonam Pandey, and Sherlyn Chopra – there are several others as well and industry insiders say the parade of stars, models and others is unlikely to stop anytime.

Kerr inadvertently became the subject of global headlines when David Kiely, a banker at Macquarie Bank in Sydney, was caught viewing more explicit photos of her on his computer while in the background of a colleague’s live television interview in February 2010.