North American Box Offices Attacked by ‘True Grit’

Added by on January 9, 2011

The western movie ‘True Grit’ has shot and took down everything that stood in its path, including hit-movie ‘Little Fockers’, only to conquer box officers in North America and stay at the top.

Usually, the time period that comes after the New Year holidays sees no significant changes at the top of box offices, as that particular time is slower for the movie business. ‘True Grit’, however, has managed to make it big during this particular time, which has amazed both the audience and the industry.

The western movie is actually a remake of 1969’s John Wayne movie and, according to studio estimates, it brought $15m in 3 days time, Friday-Sunday. On the other hand, with ticked sales ‘True Grit’ stands nowhere lower. In the three weeks since it premiered, the western sold as many tickets as the $110m amount.

Seeing as the movie seems to be a true hit from all points of view, its chances of competing for 2011’s January Oscars are getting higher and higher.

As mentioned before, the ‘Little Fockers’ comedy, which stood at the top of box offices for two weeks, has fallen due to ‘True Grit’ at No.2, and ticked sales have been reported to amount $124m.

Currently at No.3 stands Nicholas Cage’s ‘Season of the Witch’, that made only $10.7m in ticket sales.

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