Playboy finds new home in India

Added by on November 1, 2012

Although Playboy magazine is banned in India, Goa will play host to India’s first Playboy club – part of a plan to that cafes and retail outlets in India, according to an announcement by Sanjay Gupta, chief executive of PB Lifestyle on Thursday.

India’s first Playboy club is also “the first beach location for Playboy globally”, said Gupta.

The 22,000 square foot club will open in December and will be located on North Goa’s Candolim beach.

Gupta’s PB Lifestyle also acquired a license from Playboy that provides for 120 Playboy branded retail outlets, hotels, fashion cafes and clubs over the next ten years.The expected investment will be approximately US$37m (₹200 cr) over five years.

Playboy clubs in India will ‘sanitized’ to reflect India’s conservative values. Playboy bunnies, the name given to waitresses that serve drinks in Playboy clubs, wear skimpy outfits along with bunny ears and a rabbit’s tail, yet insiders day the costume for the Indian club will reflect India’s values.

“We are clear about one thing – there will be absolutely no nudity. The bunnies will be suited to Indian sensibilities and values,” added Gupta.

“The launch will not e a smooth one,” said an industry insider. “Expansion in India may face backlash from political groups even though the concept in India will be a toned-down version.”

Sherlyn Chopra, India’s first Indian woman to appear in the famous Playboy magazine early next year, said, “I’, super excited! It ain’t about nudity as the launch isn’t inclusive of Playboy magazine. It’s about introducing a lifestyle of fun and glamour.”

Playboy magazine started in 1953 under its now 86 year old founder Hugh Hefner, with its inaugural issue featuring Marilyn Monroe on the cover.