Ramsay’s Film Debut “Worst Film of the Year”?

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Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is having a taste of his own medicine as his upcoming film debut is receiving about as much criticism as he dishes out on his reality show.

Ramsay's Film Debut “Worst Film of the Year”?

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Although the criticism is not directed at Ramsey directly, reviews of the preview of the film, titled Love’s Kitchen, is so bad some are even questioning whether the trailer is actually promoting a real film or whether it is a spoof.

Described by The Media Blog, a popular UK website, as follows: “Take a pinch of Love Actually, mix in a dash of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, add a spoonful of tears and then stir it for the rest of your natural life with a stick made of pure awfulness.”

Another website, Digital Spy, calls it “the worst film of the year”.

Even though the movie is yet to be released, the trailer gives away the entire plot of the romantic comedy, with a story line surrounding that of a talented chef, Rob, who loses his motivation after his wife passes away.

The predictable tale features Ramsay, playing himself, as a saviour entering Rob’s life, helping him to turn his life around by again finding love and setting up a successful restaurant.


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