Shia LaBeouf completely nude in new music video

Added by on August 28, 2012

Shia LaBeouf, well-known for his role in the Transformers series of movies, appears completely nude in a music video for band Sigur Ros, and said he is willing to perform real sex acts on film.

LaBeouf elaborated by saying he would perform real sex acts in the upcoming film The Nymphomaniac – a story about a woman’s sexual awakening – directed by Lars Von Trier.

LaBeouf said he “didn’t get into [acting] to be a porn guy,” and does not choose “to be naked all the time” – “We were just playing characters”.

The eight-minute video includes scenes where LaBeouf is completely naked and scenes where he is caressing is female co-star’s bare breasts.

People who have seen the video are reportedly providing positive reviews – boosting LaBeouf’s confidence since he says he feels “quite confident” about his performance.

LaBeouf does not get naked in his latest film Lawless – about a West Virginia moonshine business during the Prohibition era – which opens in the US on Wednesday.

Lars Von Trier is a Danish director that has directed 23 films since 1977 and has won awards like the Cannes Film Festival Palme o’Or, Australian Institute Award for Best Foreign Film, and many others.

Sigur Ros is known for its ethereal sound that often incorporates classical and minimal themes; the group’s latest album is Valtari that reached 7th spot in the US Billboard 200.