Steven Tyler – Aerosmith Still Going, to Release an Album Soon

Added by on January 14, 2011

Veteran rock exponent Steven Tyler has clarified that his position as a judge in ‘American Idol’ does not mean that his band Aerosmith will no longer operate.

Steven Tyler

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He spoke of starting work on an album that has been delayed for many months now.

Tyler described the absence of new releases as a break and the 62 year old rocker said that he still enjoyed working together in his band. The band has not released an album since 2001.

A feud between Tyler and his band mates in 2009 threatened to drive a permanent split through the band, a group that has often been called the Bad Boys of Boston.

According to Tyler, Aerosmith is very quickly going to start work on an album by end of January and has even scheduled tours in November for the promotion of the album.

Fears that the band had ceased to exist had disappointed fans who have purchased more than 150 million albums released by the band since its formation in 1970. However, despite the big words, it remains unclear how the icon rocker will find time to devote to the recording studio.

Steven Tyler is committed to 4 months of twice a week live television appearance in ‘American Idol’, which will take up bulk of his time.

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